has developed a modular palletizer that consists of 4 different modules.


  • trays from 600×600 to 1300×1300 mm
  • half trays
  • cardboard or plastic boxes, till pallet size and 80 cm high
  • modular gripper range to fit your needs
  • various options like orientators (90°, 180 °), side shift for optimal packing

2. PackauStack

  • automatically stacks trays on a pallet with a height of up to 3 m (10 ft)
  • pallet size: any measure between 600 and 1300 mm

3. PackauTray

  • Automatic tray delivery for up to 25 trays
  • Tray size: from 600×600 to 1300×1300 mm

4. PackauPal

  • various solutions for various sizes and pallet entry and delivery directions


  • Modular means you can start small. You do not need to buy the whole solution at once. As your needs grow, buy a limited number of modules and end up with a fully automatic packaging line, without ever losing one cent of your prior investment, your recipes, and your experience.
  • Flexible means you can pack in trays (straight or overturned), half trays and boxes, all with the same machine. Small production runs are economical due to minimal change-over times. Additions and options will be presented within the same framework.
  • Small: our largest unit is 30 % smaller than what others make, and we can go much smaller still.
  • Uncompromising quality: very carefully engineered with only the best German components on offer (Festo, Lenze).